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Phonetic Workshop

1 septembre 2019 - 30 septembre 2019

  • the pronunciation of the letters of the alphabet
  • the rising and falling intonations (question/affirmation)
  • the intonation of question tags at the end of a question
  • the rhythm and intonation: how to pronounce, or not, the last letters
  • the pronunciation of French vowels
  • how to pronounce long words by cuting up words into syllables
  • According to the native language of the participants, groups of consonants explored…
  • In greater depth the properties of the disjunction of the French ‘h’
  • Liaisons that are not allowed
  • Adapting your speaking speed so that the phonetic words in a statement are of the same duration
  • Rhythm and intonation, rhythmic structure and stress groups
  • Mandatory words you liaise
  • Practicing lengthening the final syllable of phonetic words
  • The mandatory liaisons in N


Groupe de 10 participants max.

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Début :
1 septembre 2019
Fin :
30 septembre 2019
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Maisons-Laffitte, 78600 France + Google Map
06 58 83 60 87
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Pascale Tennant Courteix
06 58 83 60 87
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